3GSM Software and Measurement

3GSM develops and markets systems for three-dimensional acquisition and assessment of rock, terrain, and object surfaces using digital imagery and computer vision.

BlastMetriX 3D

ShapeMetriX 3D

BlastMetriX UAV

ShapeMetriX UAV

BMX Fragmenter


BlastMetriX 3D

Our BlastMetriX 3D software, specifically dedicated to the blasting industry, provides maximum results.


Blast design, blast planning software

Easy, in-field usage...no “Cloud” necessary

Terrestrial camera option for “no fly” operations

Accepts images from several drone manufacturers

Main Benefits:

Computation of the true (minimum) burden

Detailed profile report for drilling and loading of explosives

Aids in fly-rock mitigation and vibration reduction

Superior mapping and volumes measurements

Reduction of production costs


ShapeMetriX 3D

ShapeMetriX 3D is an easy-to-use system to acquire surfaces with three-dimensional images. This dedicated software enables digital rock mass characterisation including geometric measurements and geologic mapping capabilities.


Reproducible acquisition of rock mass conditions

Measurement of position, distances, areas

Sectional views (cross sections), profiles

Measurement of spatial orientations (dip angle & dip direction)

Main Benefits:

Contact-free measurement

Simple, efficient application (taking pictures)

Comprehensive, life-like documentation

Reproducible rock mass conditions

Improved rock mass characterisation


BlastMetriX UAV

Generation of 3D images from drone imagery for face profiling, blast design and analysis.

Aerial 3D images allow for an optimal acquisition of the bench face and blast site geometry especially of larger sites. With the 3D model the drill pattern is adapted according to the geometric and geologic conditions. Poor blasting results are often caused by inaccuracy of the front row hole placement and inaccurate blast pattern geometry.

3D images from drones are a perfect survey of large blast sites.

Comprehensive and Complete

Suryeying and documentation in a single step

Including software for 3D blast design

Easily combined with rock mass characterisation – see  ShapeMetriX UAV


Face profiles (burden diagrams and maps)

Volume to blast

Pre-post blast comparison

Quantification of muckpile (movement, volume, swell)

Quantification of power trough

Seamless data flow

Avoidance of:

Fly rock

Excessive vibrations

Poor fragmentation

Poor cast/blast performance

Loss of grade control

Wall and floor damage


ShapeMetriX UAV

Photographs from an off-the-shelf drone generate to comprehensive, highly accurate 3D models. The ShapeMetriX package includes geologic mapping mapping capabilites, as well as geometric measurements including volumetrics.


Precise documentation

Reproducible results

Highly detailed


Stock piles

Excavation pits, documentation

Conservation of evidence

Geologic mapping

Volumetric measurement

Comprehensive documentation


BMX Fragmenter

BMX Fragmenter is the first real 3D fragmentation analysis from drone imagery.


Combined 2D and 3D analysis

Fully automated

Scales automatically

Statistic evaluation

Main Benefits:

Overcomes drawbacks of pure 2D analysis

Easy to use

Fits perfect for blast quality control

Combines with BlastMetriX UAV


Maximize Your Blasting Safety and Optimize Performance