Complete turnkey render safe services

Specializing in unique, one-of-a-kind remediation applications for improperly stored, damaged, discarded, misfired and abandoned explosives, RAM Inc. offers the expertise and specialized tools necessary to safely identify a wide range of explosive materials – from TNT to nitroglycerin to ammonium nitrate – and rendering safe potentially dangerous and deadly situations.

Our complete turnkey render safe service works with you from initial situation consultation with industry and government agencies to final explosive neutralization and issue resolution. The team offers a dynamic range of expertise for accurately identifying the explosive compound and associated risks.

Specialized Disposal

Render Safe Tools:

Our qualified team employs a variety of specialized tools to analyze and neutralize the explosive materials present. Technicians rely on field explosive detection kits to distinguish the type of explosive present and use portable X-Ray systems for identifying the condition of the explosive material. Borehole cameras detect
unexploded materials from blasting operations at manufacturing and storage facilities, mines, and oilfields, while video and closed-circuit TV are used to remotely monitor the recovery and treatment of explosives at a safe distance. Rated up to 6.5 lb of TNT equivalent, the company’s explosive containment trailer gives RAM Inc. the flexibility to contain and move sensitive explosive material.

Bomb Robot
Explosive Containment Trailer
Portable Explosive X-Ray System
Flir system
Field Explosive Detection Kits
High Speed Camera (1,000 FPS)
Video and Close Circuit TV
High Resolution Digital Microscope

Render Safe Tools:
Ecofriendly, biodegradable and biostable method of destroying explosives

Our exclusive, environmentally safe chemical neutralization process offers faster site remediation, little danger to the user and community for disposal, and reduces the time to achieve complete response by eliminating pricey hazardous disposal costs.

Our services include environmentally safe options for destroying commercial and bulk explosives in both urban and remote areas.

Training and environmentally safe neutralization chemicals from RAM are available to manufactures and users for the treatment of explosive equipment prior to maintenance and treatment of waste material and emergency spills.


Our bomb robot provides additional safety in the explosive neutralization process
We provide an environmentally safe chemical neutralization process
Deteriorated dynamite and visible nitroglycerin rendered safe using environmentally safe neutralization process