MuniRem Environmental Products

MuniRem is a scalable and versatile solution for a broad range of explosives and munitions constituents including Sarin gas, Mustard (CWA), HMX, RDX, TNT, TNR, DNTs, ADNTs, NBs, NDMA, Black Powder, Ammonium Nitrate, Lead Styphnate, Lead Azide, Nitrocellulose, Nitroguanidine, Nitroglycerine, PBX, PETN, Primer Mix, and reactive Aluminum. The short cleanup time and closeout associated with this technology eliminates the O&M costs (30 – 50% savings) associated with other remediation technologies.

We offer both MuniRem Product Sales and Service as well as training.

R.A. McClure is the Exclusive Supplier for MuniRem Environmental.


MuniRem® ensures instant neutralization of bulk explosives to non-toxic, end products and minimizes safe explosive distance

MuniRem® ensures instant neutralization of explosives to non-toxic, end products which significantly reduces time and costs

Explosives neutralization occurs at ambient temperature

Fewer personnel are needed to perform explosives neutralization

No toxic or hazardous waste end-products remain following MuniRem® application