RAM, Inc. is pioneering a new portable X-ray service that eliminates the need for costly and sometimes dangerous transportation and disassembly of damaged explosive components. Offered exclusively by RAM, Inc., for the blasting and explosive industries, this new service features on-site, non-destructive testing (NDT) radiographic imaging technology for superior investigative forensics. Whether determining the cause of a misfire or quality assurance of a suspected product, on-site imaging can pinpoint the root cause of problems in the field and eliminate the need to return or destroy good product.

With a lightweight and compact design, these powerful X-ray units use digital imaging technology, which allows the images to be archived electronically. Each image can be taken within minutes, and the powerful operating software allows the image to be enhanced as necessary to quickly detect quality control or component failure issues. Once the source of the problem is discovered, the digital files can be emailed with annotations back to the factory for quick corrective action.

These lightweight units are compact enough to be easily used throughout the factory. Improve your quality control program through random sampling or use this X-ray technology as part of your research and development program to build a better product.


RAM, Inc.’s, new NDT X-ray service delivers…

  • Immediate results with each X-ray
  • Quick diagnostic answers to field issues such as:
    - Missing/dislodged components
    - Voids/cavities in explosive loads
    - Issues with assembly
  • Elimination of costly and dangerous disassembly of damaged components
  • Experienced diagnostician with years of explosives industry experience