Explosives Education Services

We offer the most comprehensive, up-to-date series of training seminars in the explosives industry. Designed and taught by an explosives expert with years of practical blasting experience, Explosives Educational seminars combine relevant elements of blasting theory and practice in an interactive, field-oriented format. Seminar participants are exposed to the latest in explosives technology and come away with an understanding of how this technology can help them solve the problems they face every day in the field.

Who Should Take These Courses:

The EES Explosives Seminars are designed to meet the needs of:

Blasters and Supervisors
Obtain a practical, up-to-date understanding of modern explosives usage...find out how to get the most for your explosives dollar...learn the importance of safety and safe handling methods.

Management, Production and Safety Personnel and Supervision
Become familiar with the fundamentals of blasting safety, methods, design, and economics...and with explosives components and safe assembly procedures.

Government, Insurance, Industry Inspectors, Public Safety Organizations (Firefighters, Law Enforcement) and Research Personnel
Receive a background for assessing and assuring safety in blasting and in manufacturing with explosives components.

Methods and Instruction

Each course is taught by a thoroughly experienced explosives engineer whose experience includes blasting techniques, safety principles and personnel training. Lecture material is illustrated with case history workshops, videos, slides, chalk talks and discussion sessions. Reviews and quizzes at the end of each section help ensure understanding and retention of material and the assembly procedures discussed in these seminars are based upon many years of experience and the best information available on these subjects. Please note, however, that full qualification cannot be conveyed or obtained in a classroom presentation. Thus we do not certify that satisfactory completion of these training programs will equip those attending with all the necessary knowledge, skills and judgement to work safely with explosives.